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All I Want For Christmas Is You!

December 9, 2015

While wintery weather keeps some people indoors, we think it’s a great time of year to go exploring. Low temperatures are no match for great gear, stellar scenery, and a good attitude; but how do you know exactly what you need? We’re happy to help with that. From weekend getaways to stocking stuffers, these items are sure to be on your favorite outdoor lover’s list this Christmas.

  • For being the person who gets to make the first tracks in fresh snow, we recommend a set of ice cleats. For weekend warriors and city strollers alike, ice cleats are like snow chains for your shoes, and can be essential when walking over snowy or icy ground. Ice cleats, like Yaktrax, fit over any shoes, so you can wear whatever you’re most comfortable in, without risk of falling!
  • For those of you who love waking up surrounded by nature, here are two tents we love. The REI Half Dome 2 is a long-time camping staple, and for good reason. Fantastic for any type of camping, the spacious tent was designed for durability. It’s made from ripstop and the walls are a little thicker than the average tent, but it’s sold at an average-tent price. The Zpacks Duplex is more expensive, but that’s because it’s made of Cuben Fiber, which is incredibly lightweight, making this a favorite among long-distance or ultralight hikers. The beauty of Cuben Fiber is that despite being so light, the fabric is incredibly durable and completely waterproof.This tent will stand up to the cold amazingly well, so go ahead and plan that weekend backpacking getaway you’ve been dreaming of.
  • For the person who is always cold, but refuses to put on a heavier jacket because it may ruin their aesthetic, take a look at SmartWool’s latest gear. Made from Merino wool, SmartWool is made of very fine fibers that promise never to itch. Merino wool works by wicking sweat away from the skin, and allowing it to evaporate through the clothing fibers, which is something that synthetic fibers cannot do. All the wool comes from sheep that are allowed to wander free, and get a big haircut once a year! Shop men's and women’s performance layers and fashion.
  • For the person who takes their coffee either scalding or iced, but never in between, check out the HydroFlask. The stainless steel bottle is made of professional grade steel, and the flavors won’t transfer between uses, so go ahead and take cider this morning and a cold beer tonight. The double insulation in each bottle makes it easy to keep hot drinks hot, cold drinks cold, and your Hot Chocolate juuuuuuust right for sipping after a long morning hike or ski session.
  • For being the person who says “yes!” to adventure, in all forms, try a Winter Warrior trip down the Pigeon River with us! While the official rafting season is during the warmer months, we ride the river all year round! When it comes to cold weather rafting, safety and warmth is our highest priority, which is why you get a wetsuit and paddle jacket when you raft with us. We go over rafting basics and have on-site facilities to change, grab a hot drink, snack, or just relax. If winter wonder-rafting is not quite your thing, our gift cards make the perfect stocking stuffer. Contact us to order a few for your family, friends and coworkers. You can start planning your summer adventures now! We’ll save a spot in the raft for you.

Want a unique way to see East Tennessee’s winter beauty while having a great adventure? Make a reservation to come raft with us today or in the coming months!


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