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Spring Giveaway: Enter to win a rafting trip for you and 3 friends + a LiddUp Trailmate cooler!

Have you always wanted to try white water rafting? Now’s the perfect time to get your feet wet. We’ve teamed up with LiddUp Coolers to give away the ultimate outdoorsman package: a FREE Smoky Mountain rafting trip for you and three (3) friends + a LiddUp Trailmate cooler! You and three buddies will enjoy a [...]

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The more the merrier: bring your friends and family white water rafting this Spring!

In the last moments of his life, Chris McCandless (the subject of Jon Krakauer's book Into the Wild) came to a crushing realization. All of the experiences he’d had over the past few years — hiking through the Alaskan wilderness, working on a farm in the Midwest, and kayaking into Mexico — meant nothing without [...]

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Spring Break 2017 is coming up — go white water rafting this year!

Now that the holiday season has officially ended, travelers and adventure-seekers from all over the country have set their sights on Spring Break 2017. Over the next couple months, millions of Americans will migrate to warmer, more interesting parts of the world — taking a much-needed break from the day-to-day grind of work, school, and [...]

Spring Break 2016: Do something different this year

There’s a reason we all take a short break in the Spring. It’s the season of new life and new possibilities — the season of recharging, rejuvenating and reawakening ourselves. For this reason, schools at every level (kindergarten to postgraduate) offer 1-2 weeks for their students to take advantage of this period of great change [...]

Spring Rafting Season Underway!

Spring is in full swing now and you may be planning your family vacation, church outing, business retreat or group extracurricular activities we have a number of ways to meet the goal of having a great outdoor adventure. Families are always looking for things to do together. Businesses are looking for team building opportunities. Church, [...]

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