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Rafting Outdoor Adventures, Inc. was started by Jessica Booth. Beginning in 1992 she guided trips on rivers in Tennessee and North Carolina and moved to the Smoky Mountain area in 2002. Opened the outpost on the Pigeon River because she has a love for the mountains and outdoors and wanted to share it. “The great thing about the Pigeon River is it is suitable for first-time rafters, and we enjoy making positive memories with people for their first time. We now have grown tremendously from families that return every year and bring more and more of their friends and families. We keep quality equipment and maintain a strong connection to customer service. All of us here at Outdoor Adventures are like a family ourselves, so bring yours and let us share with you our love for the outdoors on the Pigeon River.” – Jessica Booth The team here really enjoys meeting people and pride ourselves knowing we are an integral part of so many families’ vacations and life-long memories together. We listen to what you want and try our best to deliver the experience you expect.

Are you truly prepared? Wilderness First Aid.

We recently hosted a wilderness safety training and first aid course here at the Outpost, and we can’t overstate the importance of receiving this kind of safety training for those who regularly participate in outdoor activities. Whether you enjoy rafting, hiking, mountain biking or camping, there are clear life-saving benefits to knowing these skills. Wilderness [...]

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Who’s ready for charity doggie rafting 2015?

Once a year, we host one of our favorite events, the charity doggie rafting benefiting Newport Animal Shelter! During our charity rafting days, we take humans and their favorite canines down the lower Pigeon River in a trip that’s slightly modified from our usual lower Pigeon route. You and your dog will experience an hour [...]

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20 Quotes that Say it All

We love spending time outdoors so much, we could shout it from every mountain top. Because we're a little too busy leading trips at the moment, we'll just let these other guys sum it up for us.   “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” - Loren Eiseley “The earth [...]

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An Introduction to Reading Water

"Mother Nature is always speaking. She speaks in a language understood within the peaceful mind of the sincere observer." -  Radhanath Swami The sincere observer is what we train all our guides to be, but you don't have to go through extensive training to be able to hear what the water is telling you! Reading [...]

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Things to Know Before You Go: Paddling 101

When you take a white water trip with Raft Outdoor Adventures, you’ll have a great time navigating river rapids! All our trips down the Upper and Lower Pigeon River are guided, but we want everyone who spends time with us to leave more knowledgeable about rafting than when they arrived. A lot of groups have [...]

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Spring Outdoor Adventures in the Smoky Mountains

Scenic drives, mountain hiking, rafting, going on a zip line, camping and wine festivals? All of this (and much more!) are possible this spring in the Smoky Mountains. We love the outdoors, and know there is a lot to see in do in East Tennessee during the spring. Here are a few of our favorite things: [...]

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Your first rafting trip: Things to know before you go!

Rafting is one of the most exciting travel adventures and it’s accessible for the whole family! Rafting the Pigeon River is no exception to this. We take hundreds of guests- newbies and seasoned vets- out on the river daily and they return with smiles on their faces. Having a great first rafting trip comes down [...]

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What do you mean they turn the river off?

Raft Outdoor Adventures’ home is on the Pigeon River, which flows from western North Carolina into East Tennessee. We enjoy the river and the Smoky Mountains year round, so many people are surprised to learn that the water moving down the river is “turned off” for half of the year! While we go out on [...]

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Prepare for your cold weather rafting trip!

Even though the temperature here in East Tennessee hovers between 50 and 60* in February and March, we just can’t keep people out of the water! One of the most common questions we get year round is “What do I wear?” This questions is especially important during the colder months. Heat is lost much more quickly in water than air, so being unprepared for any cooler water temperatures is essential for preventing hypothermia. Luckily you have some options to make your raft adventure as comfortable as possible, even when it’s cold outside. […]

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Hello Outdoor Nation

Recently I ran across a blog written by Janel Murray, Tennessee’s Top 10 Things To Do With the Family. It’s a fascinating article that explores the beauty as well as the history of Tennessee. The tenth thing on the list is, “See Tennessee By Water”. It includes the Mighty Mississippi River, the Cumberland River, and [...]

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